Angelique S. Anderson is an aspiring author and songwriter who majored in English, and creative writing in high school. Having written many works of fiction, she finally decided to make a career out of it. She studied psychology at Liberty University and is training as a lay counselor at her church. Currently she home schools four little girls, and has a music album in the works. After living in Nashville, Tennessee for four years, her and her family moved back to their home town of Stockton, California where they currently reside.

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Eden's Serum


Adam has everything he could want. He is a savvy businessman entrusted with his own personal branch of the company he's worked for the past five years. He is successful, intelligent and about to check off the last box on his list. Immortality. Just so happens the company he works for provides him the finances to do just that. After six months of testing, he is finally ready. Unbeknownst to Adam, the Serum he is about to take, ends up making him very sick. He finds out too late that Eden's Serum has taken a life before and he's about to be its next victim if he can escape the fall of humanity around him.

Twisted Intentions

Paranormal Fiction

Willow is the sort of girl everyone in high school ignores until a gorgeous new socialite waltzes into her life and makes Willow her new best friend. Accustomed to being rejected, she finds herself caught up in Liana’s world and enjoying her newfound popularity, until a tragic accident occurs that sends Willow’s life reeling out of control. Struggling with certain events, Willow tries to find her balance. However, there are things that can’t be explained, and there remain elements that do not add up with her new friend. With the body count rising, and a magical stranger’s warning to leave Liana alone, Willow can’t help but wonder who or what her new best friend is.

Redemption of the Changed Series

YA Fantasy Fiction

Evie never really thought about how fragile life truly was, nor how quickly it could be taken from her. One fateful day changes it all as her entire world is destroyed. A man deemed The Hunter bent on destruction, decimates Evies entire village leaving nothing but fragmented pieces for her to pick up. In the shards of what is left is Evie's best friend, who bestows on Evie words that will quite literally change her life. As Evie runs from her village into her new identity, part animal and part human, she becomes comfortable with her new self, and fights desperately to forget her painful past. Then one day, a stranger shows up who may hold the answer to everything she has ever questioned. In Redemption of the Changed, will her redemption lie in her past or in the fact that she is changed, forever? Loss, and love and the end of the world hang vicariously in the balance.